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We are a premier San Antonio Internet Marketing Company, however, since we’re using the internet, we’re able service businesses all over the world.

Our clients state their main goals are to get leads, sales, and retention for their businesses by leveraging the internet.  Sometimes, like us, these clients have had a negative experience or two, but we assure you, customer satisfaction is our primary aim.

We applaud each and every business owner who chooses to take advantage of the exponential growth occurring online, and we understand that many have a business model that currently doesn’t allow them the time for marketing tasks, but also doesn’t require them to have a Marketing staff yet.

We’d love to be your Marketing solution!

Give us a call at (210)564-7749 for a FREE Consultation!

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How Our Process Works ~ KOHA Inc. San Antonio Internet Marketing Company

We operate like Marketing Physicians where you present to us with a problem, we diagnose, and create a treatment that achieves a desired outcome.  We are not a fluff-based marketing company, we give you data.

  1. Complete the contact form below (giving us an idea of your business goals) below.
  2. Within two business days, we reach out to you to schedule a Free consult
  3. We agree on a plan of action
  4. We begin driving leads and sales to your business

We’re able to offer ongoing services like ad campaign management, content writing, search engine optimization (to get or maintain ranking), social media management, email marketing, Google submission (so you're business can be spotted on the maps), reputation management, Internet Marketing Training, or simply consulting if you’re concerned whether you’re doing things “right”.  Let us know your largest internet marketing concern, and we’ll be sure to discuss that in our consultation!

Call at (210)564-7749 or Leave your contact information below and we’ll reach out to you to discuss your business marketing needs.

Leave your info below or Give us a call at (210)564-7749 for a FREE Consultation!

We are a local San Antonio Internet Marketing Company located in the Lackland AFB Area.

We can be reached by email at or by phone at (210)564-7749.  If you'd like a Digital Marketing expert at your local event, we can do live speaking in the San Antonio area or surrounding areas.

Give us a call at (210)564-7749 for a FREE Consultation!