Where Can I Find Promotional Products in San Antonio?

November 13, 2018

Looking for promotional products in San Antonio, Texas? You’ve come to the right place!


The Benefits of Promotional Product Advertising


Whether you’re trying to roll out a safety program, acquire more customers, or retain old customers, promotional product advertising has proven to be an affordable and effective way to accomplish many business goals.  Promotional products can range from uniforms to writing utensils and many items in between, and most serve as appreciated ways to get inform others about your business.


promotional products san antonio txWhat is Promotional Product Advertising?


Promotional product advertising is the method of using items custom made with your logo, slogan, or brand message to achieve business goals.

How Promotional Product Advertising Works


We work on our promotional product advertising campaigns in five basic steps:


1. You decide on a business goal

2. You calculate your optimal customer acquisition costs

3. We help find a custom promo item that can help you achieve your business goal within your optimal customer acquisition cost

4. You track the results

5. Rinse and repeat!


We can help you get business cards, flyers, and thousands of other items custom made with your logo on it.


How To Get Started With Promotional Product Advertising


If you’re interested in accelerating your business results by using this old school guerilla marketing method, email or call us now!  We’d love to help.

6 Replies to “Where Can I Find Promotional Products in San Antonio?”

  1. I personally think that this is great Tiffany. My question is are you working out of San Antonio or not? I like that I can track the results but how much would cost to make one good slogan that will attract potential customers to website? I think that this promotion is more than important for all online business.

    1. Hello Daniel! Yes I am stationed out of San Antonio along with my company, KOHA Inc. Promotional Product advertising is more than creating a slogan. It’s millions of products that can have your branding printed on them to increase customers, retain customers, hire new employees, or impact your business key performance indicators in other ways. Check out this article for more info on this.

  2. Promotional products has never came across my mind actually. But it is a good point to keep the old customer and bring new customers. I find that Japanese people are amazing at this and including us American. When I used to work in Japan, they will give you all the little stuff if you are subscribed to a magazine. That is just one of the many. Or the coupons to get an appitizer if you come back on your next visit.  Great advertising tactic and just like you mentioned that it is very affordable and is proven to be a successful method.


    1. I haven’t been to Japan before, but I’d love to see how they use promotional product advertising there! It’s a strategy that works all over the globe.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to a new term! I have never heard of the actual term ‘Promotional Product Advertising’ before, although I have seen it in practice many times without fully realizing what was going on. I imagine this works really well for clothing brands; people literally wear their logo and promote the products to everyone they meet in a subtle way. Is that a correct example? 

    1. Hi Benji! Great question! Thanks for asking. Statistically, the industries that use custom promo items most are medical and real estate.  You’re right that fashion brands add their logos onto the clothes, but promotional product advertising is broader.  It includes yard signs, business cards, uniforms, writing utensils, and anything printed with a logo and made with the intention of increasing a businesses results. Check this article out to read more on promotional product advertising and how it fits into a marketing plan.

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