Where Can I Get Help with Paid Search Engine Marketing in San Antonio TX?

November 13, 2018

If you’re looking for help with paid search engine marketing in San Antonio, Texas, you’ve come to the right place.  At KOHA Inc., we create paid search engine marketing campaigns that drive results.


search engine marketing san antonio txThe Benefits of Paid Search Engine Marketing


Previously, we talked about the organic method of ranking a website in the search engine called search engine optimization.  With search engine optimization, you’re writing readable content that the Google spider technology can easily crawl and understand.  Then, after the content has been processed, Google will index it based on several algorithm factors and its relevance to the search user in comparison to every other article that’s been written with your keyword choices on the topic.


In some niches, search engine optimization can be very competitive, and take a lot of high quality content to outpace the competition unless you use paid search engine marketing.  With paid search engine marketing, rather than infusing content to get the search user’s attention, you’d be out-paying and out-strategizing the competition for the optimal ranking.


For some niches, paid search engine marketing may not be very competitive and for some, it may still be highly competitive.  As a result, we recommend working with a marketing specialist to get a clear understanding of what to expect when pursuing search engine marketing.


What is Paid Search Engine Marketing?


Similar to an auction where the highest bidder wins the auctioned item, paid search engine marketing works by auction.  Each paid search engine customer chooses keywords that their target customer would likely use when searching for their product or service and sets a bid price on the keyword.


Search engines like Google and Bing will present the search result to the search user that is the most relevant, the highest quality, and the highest pay–this bidder will be presented to the user as an “impression”.  An impression does not cost, however, if your ad gets several impressions but very few clicks, you will have a low click-thru-rate and a low quality score, which will impact your cost-per-click going forward.


Some clients have come to KOHA Inc. after having bad experiences with paid search engine marketing and have had much different outcomes as a result.  Paid search engine marketing takes practice and we’d love to put our practice and experience to work for you.


Why Use Us for Paid Search Engine Marketing?


We do keyword research to bid on optimal keywords, we analyze your competitor’s strategy to see what’s working for them (and pitfalls to avoid), and we infuse innovation onto the data to offer you a unique and tailored paid search engine marketing strategy for your business.


How to Get Started with Paid Search Engine Marketing


If you’re interested in paid search engine marketing as a method for increasing your leads and sales, give us a call or email!  We’d be glad to help.


4 Replies to “Where Can I Get Help with Paid Search Engine Marketing in San Antonio TX?”

  1. Looks like you know your stuff!

    I would be interested in an analysis of different types of paid marketing and what works the best. For example would it be better to invest my marketing budget into these types of paid search ads or into social media ads like facebook instead? I’m sure that’s a complicated question but do you have any insight into the possible answer?

    1. Hello Mariah! Thanks so much for your compliments. I really love what I do. You’ve asked a great question! Unfortunately, there’s no cut-and-dry answer because it depends on the campaign. As a general rule, campaigns where you want to target demographics or psychographics work better using social media ads. Campaigns where you want to target people based on a concept they’re looking for work best using search ads. Here’s a case study that can help answer your question even more: https://www.wordstream.com/blo

  2. What a wonderful service you are providing as search engine marketing can be very frustrating.  I have lost money by trying it myself and wished I had a professional back then to do it for me. How much would a small website with about 50 articles cost for your service?

    1. You aren’t the first entrepreneur we’ve heard that from. Many have tried it, but it’s really become a science. Schedule a FREE consult and we can discuss more about what you’re trying to do, your niche, and give you a better idea of costs.

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