Where Can I Get Help with Website Design in San Antonio TX?

November 13, 2018

More and more people are discovering businesses they’d like to purchase from thru the internet.  Rather than first impressions thru a handshake or phone call, many people are getting their first impression of you thru your website (or lack thereof).


website design san antonio txWhat is Website Design?


Similar to a builder who constructs a commercial space for you to do business offline, website design is the process of creating a digital structure so you can do business online.  This may include purchasing the domain name, mapping out the functionality you want on your website, and designing it so it’s appealing to your target audience.


Why Us for Website Design?


At KOHA Inc., we specialize in market research and website design.  We don’t simply make websites based on creative genius because creativity alone doesn’t get sales!  Instead, we look at the search volumes, the colors that appeal to your audience, what keywords are relevant, and so many other factors to ensure we create a website that will be an incremental part of your sales system.


Who Needs Website Design?


  • Those who don’t have a website
  • Those whose website doesn’t represent them well
  • Those who are getting customer feedback about bad functionality of their sites
  • Those whose branding has changes or who don’t have consistent branding for their business
  • and, those who simply don’t feel like designing their websites themselves


How to Get Started with Website Design?


If you’d like to get started with website design, give us a call or email.  We’d love to help you get a website running that can drive leads and sales to your business.

4 Replies to “Where Can I Get Help with Website Design in San Antonio TX?”

  1. At the beginning of my journey I struggled a lot with the design of my website! I found your article very beneficial for anyone looking to start an online business. You covered a lot of points that I wished I would have known when I had first begun. This is an extremely useful tool for anyone looking to improve and especially start building a website!

    Thank You for being a light in the community!


  2. Straight to the point there that only creativity does not bring sales! I think I am still testing the water on how I want my website to look. Right now it looks very feminine and more pictures focus of my own drawings… we will see it can look either professional or not that professional. It is so hard, can’t wait until I generate revenues so I can just hire someone to do it for me. 


    1. Thanks for your comments. Try looking at other websites in your niche and modifying ideas about what’s working there to your brand, and when you’re ready, we’d love to help.

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